In all the excitement over VR, sometimes we forget the marketplace is content-constrained. This goes back to the classic “chicken-and-egg” dilemma we’ve examined here many times.

Content will be the true gating factor to the growth and mainstream penetration of VR. And it’s not just content creation but all of the “picks and shovels” that comprise the VR ecosystem. That includes everything from 3D capture equipment to high-end video processing.

We zero in on this aspect of VR in the first episode of our VR/AR Briefs series, which you can see in full below. Meanwhile, let us know if you have suggested topics for future episodes or if you want to sponsor an episode. The current list of upcoming topics is below.

  • Content is King (complete)
  • When will AR’s Day Come?
  • The Big 3 HMDs: Who will win 2016 holiday season?
  • Lightfields: The Road to the Holodeck
  • VR/AR Holiday Shopping Guide
  • VR in Sports
  • VR in Advertising
  • VR: Transforming the Art of Filmmaking
  • VR as a Broadcast Medium

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