One of the technical challenges of augmented reality is UI and input. With a consumer base that is conditioned for keyboards, mice and a 2D GUI, it will take education and development to build native inputs like gestural or voice controls.

Taking that a step further, what about tapping right into your brain? The concept is “thinking” commands that trigger actions. The benefits are practical (activating informational overlays discreetly) and altruistic (better communication for the disabled).

This of course sounds out there and futuristic, which it is (the stuff of Friday Video). But it may be closer than you think. Researchers are already finding ways to harness neurological activity to manipulate simple digital functions like typing.

This was the topic of Facebook Building 8 head Regina Dugan’s recent F8 conference talk. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see it, check it out below. It’s a combination of intruiging, inspiring and (hopefully) prescient for the VR/AR and AI near future.