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ARtillry offers companies the ability to re-publish reports from our extensive library, re-skinned to their branding and released widely. This is often done for marketing reasons if companies are mentioned in a report, or if the narrative supports their products and narratives.

The price to reprint all or parts of reports is $1,000, but can be discounted further in certain cases such as for ARtillry PRO subscribers, and the scope of re-design work. For the latter, companies that wish to execute the design and production work in house can reduce the cost further.

Cost breakdown

Reskin and licensing/re-distribution fee: $1000
ARtillry PRO subscriber discount: 20% (use code PROSUBSCRIBER below)
Self-production discount: 20% (use code SELFPUBLISH below)
Both subscriber and self-publish discounts: 40% (use code REPRINT40 below)

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