ARtillry Intelligence conducts advisory work for clients at a rate of $199 per hour. For your convenience, we have set up our e-commerce system — the same system under which our ARtillry PRO subscription service is transacted — to retain this work.*

We have made this consulting available in five hour increments which can can be purchased/retained on demand by ARtillry clients. If you’re on this page, you’ve likely been sent this link to transact, and therefore have already gone through the process of project scoping, needs assessment and work scheduling with ARtillry principles.

If so, please proceed below to initiate project execution. If not, please contact us before retaining analyst hours so that we may ensure availability and align goals.

*If you’re already registered with ARtillry through separate products (such as ARtillry PRO), log in before completing the below form. That will ensure a single unified account and login, without having to re-register for new credentials. 

Terms: Five hours of consulting work. $995 one-time payment