Reach Our Engaged XR Audience

ARtillery has launched an email marketing program for sponsors and partners. This utilizes its position as a trusted authority with a loyal audience, including its sister publication, AR Insider. This opted-in audience of AR enthusiasts helps us reach open rates as high as 30% (more stats below).

We apply best practices in email marketing, cultivated over years of media production. This includes our editorial backgrounds applied to tactics like compelling subject lines and email copy/creative. This playbook is continually reinforced through our work as a publishing leader in emerging tech.

Performance Metrics

— We regularly achieve open rates as high as 30%.
— Our standard range is between 20-30%.
— Post-open engagement rates are typically between 15-20%.
— These figures compare to tech industry average open rates of 19.29% and Post-open engagement rates of 2.08%

Sample campaign results

Audience Metrics

— We reach more than 3,800 professionals in the spatial computing (VR & AR) industry
— We grow this list organically and purely through opt-ins, enabling the high performance listed above
— Subscribers are mid-to-upper management at top XR companies, due to the strategic nature of the content we publish.
— Examples are below and a larger sample of companies that subscribe to our email list is provided here.

Applied Tactics

— In addition to highly engaged and opted-in subscribers, we apply best practices in email marketing
— Our publishing operation and careers in editorial production gives us an edge in tactical execution of compelling subject lines (drives open rate) and email copy (drives post-open engagement).
— For example, subject lines should be punchy, compelling, verb-oriented and never exceed 40 characters (considering mobile inboxes).
— In email copy, we avoid big walls of text, considering recipients’ limited time.
— We instead apply colorful imagery, large click targets for calls-to-action, and concise language (example below).
— We will also work with your team if you have standard language and images you prefer to use.
— Our full playbook contains more such tactics, cultivated over years of editorial production and online publishing.

Campaign Example

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Pricing & Terms

Our standard pricing for email campaigns is $999.

This includes:

— Three email blasts, timed strategically for maximum impact and reinforcement.
— We apply unique subject lines and modified copy per-blast to avoid repetitive messaging and “banner blindness.”
— We can use tracking links for performance analytics, and any discount codes (in the case of an event) that sponsors wish to provide.
— A 15% discount is applied to ARtillery PRO subscribers or repeat email sponsors.

Subscriber Sample


Past Event Partners