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ARtillery Intelligence has an extensive publishing machine and background in editorial production. From careers as journalists and analysts, we’ve collectively published more than 120 research reports and 3000 articles (print and online).

We’re spinning out this capability for you, including reports and video. At one end of the spectrum is ghostwriting, in which we write a report that you publish under your branding. At the other end is custom publishing in which we publish end-to-end, with explicit credit to you as a sponsor.




Option 1: Website Copy

We can write copy for your website, including succinct narratives that speak to your target markets. If done on WordPress, we can also provide assistance with web development, content management and other projects that draw on our extensive WordPress experience.

Average Cost: $995 (fluctuates based on scope and applies our billable rate). 
Examples of work: click images for live sites

Option 2: Sponsored Articles

We publish sponsored articles in our sister publication, AR Insider. You write a 600-1000 word article and we’ll amplify it to our large and engaged audience, including social channels. Our editorial and ethics policies apply in terms of explicit sponsorship disclosure.

Average Cost: $1000 (discounts available for PRO subscribers)
Example of work: 6 Ways MobileAR Reshapes the 3D Landscape**

Option 3: Ghost Written Reports

We specialize in narrative production and we exercise that muscle daily. Let us handle the heavy lifting and headaches of crafting narratives. We do the writing. You handle graphics, layout, publishing and distribution. We are not named as anywhere as author… you take all the credit.

Average Cost: $1999 (fluctuates with length)*
Example of work: The Augmented Kitchen (KitchenPlan)

Option 4: Co-authored Reports 

Co-authored reports are similar to ghost-written reports (we write, you publish) except we are explicitly listed as a co-author. Some companies choose this option if they want our trusted name to add credibility and validation to the report. There is a premium for this use of our brand.

Average Cost: $2999 (fluctuates with length)*
Example of Work: Enterprise AR: Breaking Free of Pilot Purgatory (Re’Flekt)

Option 5: Reprints

ARtillery Intelligence offers companies the ability to re-publish reports from our extensive library, re-skinned to your branding and licensed for wide release (reports are otherwise paywalled). This is often done if companies are mentioned in a report, or if the narrative supports their products.

Cost: $999 (discounts available for PRO subscribers)

Option 6: Sponsored/Underwritten Reports

We fully produce reports with our publishing engine. The subject matter and materials are up to you (data, case studies) but we write the copy. This exposes your story in an organic and trusted way. We’re the explicit author and publisher, while you’re named prominently as sponsor.

Average Cost: $4999 (fluctuates with length)*
Examples of Work: AR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (Thrive Analytics**)



We have professional-grade video production gear and proficiency. We have developed this skill over years producing our own thought-leadership videos, and want to offer the capability to you. There are two main options available today and more coming soon.

Option 1: Sponsored Analyst Brief

Following our ARtillery Briefs video format, we produce an analyst monologue that supports your brand narratives. Though these videos don’t explicitly endorse sponsors, they examine market opportunities and thought leadership that sponsors want to be associated with.

Cost: $1499
Example: Re’Flekt

Option 2: Sponsored Analyst Interview

Following our ARtillery Innovators interview format, we film a remote interview with you using high-end cameras that are integrated to a Skype call. There are low-friction technical requirements on your end, while spotlighting your thought leadership through an analyst interview.

Cost: $1499
Example: Visby**

Option 3: Onsite video production (coming soon…)

We come to your location or one that we scout. In contrast to our thought leadership videos, we turn the camera around to film you as the thought leadership source. We assist in script writing and handle all aspects of post-production, editing and delivering a finished product.

Cost: $2499

*Options are modular and customizable for individual components like authorship, design/layout and distribution (cost fluctuates accordingly)
** This content was not paid for, but is listed here for the purposes of demonstrating the format.

Questions on Custom Publishing & Video?