ARtillry Intelligence has partnered with the VR/AR Association to deliver a bundled research package. Known as ARtillry Insights, it will equip subscribers in the AR and VR sectors to make informed business decisions.

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Original Research: Monthly original reports examining the opportunities and dynamics of VR and AR industries (example below).

Curated Research: ARtillry analysts will collect, analyze, filter and deliver a bundle of recommended reading and data.

Indexed Intelligence: Archived reports and multimedia assets, all in one place.


Original Research Reports 

June: The State of Virtual Reality (preview)
July: Tech Giants Tackle AR (preview)
August: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (preview)
September: ARCore & ARkit: The Acceleration of Mobile AR (preview)
October: Discussions & Takeaways from AR & VR Investors
November: When Will AR & VR Reach Consumer Ubiquity?
December: 2017’s Biggest Lessons For AR & VR
January & beyond: To Be Announced…


VR/AR Association Members: $39/month
Non-VR/AR Association Members: $89/month

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