This page outlines ARtillry’s policies and protocols around analyst briefings and discovery meetings. After reviewing, please contact us here. 

Requests for meetings or briefings should contain the following (explained below):

  1. What type of briefing you’re interested in
  2. Acknowledgement of briefings policies
  3. Requested/desired time slot

1. Types of Briefings:

On-the-record for publication: This is generally for the purposes of profiling or publishing an article about your company. ARtillry benefits from adding to its market coverage and content library with thoughtful analysis of industry players and the innovations they exhibit (examples here). We also appreciate and thrive on the relationship building with industry innovators. Meanwhile, Subjects can benefit from exposure, though ARtillry maintains analyst and authorial license for all published material. Importantly, these are not PR pieces and no money changes hands for such engagements. See ARtillry’s Disclosure and Ethics Policy.

Off-the-record for strategy/insights: These briefings aren’t meant for publication or public analysis but are rather done for the purposes of strategic insights. These briefings are common for startups in AR & VR sectors, or companies entering from other sectors that wish to be educated on the key trends and success factors that ARtillry is tracking. There is a fee for these types of briefings — similar in nature to a consulting arrangement. This cost is often waived for subscribers of ARtillry Insights or other paid products. Contact us to find out more.

Discovery Briefings: These may or may not have a specific agenda or desired outcome. They are generally to network or discover synergies. These are valuable to ARtillry, but limited in availability and volume (roughly one per week).

2. Briefings Policy

ARtillry’s briefings policies stem from Paul Graham’s “Makers and Managers” construct, and is summarized below. This does not apply to paid strategic engagements

ARtillry analysts are in a unique position in running a publishing-centric intelligence firm. Our small team publishes roughly 16,000 words per month, the equivalent of a 100-page novel every month. Much of this also involves reporting, fact checking, and other protocols for editorial standards.

This type of work is unique in that it requires deep focus and long periods of uninterrupted “heads down” time. Like coding/programming, things like research papers can’t be done in 30 minute chunks, due to the head space and cognitive momentum required to do them effectively.

Therefore, the corporate paradigm of frequent calls and meetings (e.g. “discovery calls”) can be significantly disruptive to a publishing schedule. A meeting at 10am disables production for an entire morning, splitting it up into two parts, each inadequate for productive focus.

At the same time, we receive several daily requests and offers to “grab coffee,” which we are honored and flattered to receive. We recognize that this is the common corporate paradigm and culture, with which we interact, coexist and strongly value. But altogether, it creates a challenge.

We’ve devised three solutions .

Limit (most) meetings to calls*: Though preferable in lots of ways, in-person meetings can eat up to three hours, including prep, transit, the meeting itself, follow ups, and a cascading effect on the remainder of the day. They also tend to linger and last longer than calls. We are compatible/accustomed to most video calling platforms including Skype, Hangouts and Zoom.

Limit calls to 30 minutes*: A 30 minute limit, when communicated in advance, can force a focused information exchange that covers all critical bases, but in a more time-efficient way.

Dayparting*: The challenge isn’t just elapsed time, but the sequencing of activities. A day with 3-4 scheduled calls can coexist with productive publishing output… if they are strategically clustered in designated day parts, rather than peppered through the day in disruptive ways. This is what Paul Graham calls “office hours.”

*These requirements do not apply to paid strategic engagements.

3. Scheduling

Based on all of the above, the available time slots for 30-minute calls with ARtillry analysts are 2-4 PM PT, Wednesday – Friday. Please indicate desired times when requesting a briefing.

Thanks for your time and patience.