ARtillry Intelligence has partnered with the VR/AR Association to deliver a bundled research package. Known as ARtillry Insights, it will equip subscribers in the AR and VR sectors with original data and insights to make informed business decisions.


Original Research: Monthly reports and weekly briefs on XR data, opportunities and dynamics
Curated Research: We hand pick industry data and reports (let us save you time).
Conference Talks: We watch, select and summarize video from XR events (Raise your XR IQ).
Slide Bank: Charts for your presentations and education (look good in front of colleagues)
Slack Channel: We’re here to answer your XR questions (we sleep in shifts).


Monthly Intelligence Briefings


June: The State of Virtual Reality (preview)
July: Tech Giants Tackle AR (preview)
August: VR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (preview)
September: ARCore & ARkit: The Acceleration of Mobile AR (preview)
October: Discussions & Takeaways from AR & VR Investors (preview)
November: XR Global Revenue Forecast (preview)
December: 2017 Lessons, 2018 Outlook (preview


January: Enterprise XR: Impacting the Bottom Line (preview)
February: Mobile AR: App Strategies and Business Models (preview)
March: AR Usage & Consumer Attitudes (survey research)
April: Local Commerce and the AR Cloud
May: XR Global Revenue Forecast (see last year’s report)
June: The State of XR: Mid-Year Review
July & Beyond: To Be Announced…


VR/AR Association Members: $39/month
Non-VR/AR Association Members: $89/month

XR Revenues: Year-by-year detail can be seen in the full report